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Neha Shukla

Sr Security Program Manager
Neha leads the Software Supply Chain Security Assurance program and works with various engineering teams at Microsoft to ensure they are aligned with Microsoft’s security strategy.  Neha is passionate about solving the software supply chain security problem for Microsoft and share the experience with the industry. She comes with over 16 years of solid experience in tech engineering and developments and has led key programs. Prior to working with Microsoft, she has worked with United Health Group, Hewlett Packard & TCS. Microsoft being a technology company and a cloud provider itself is among the leading enterprises designing how can one secure their critical infrastructure from supply chain attacks. Her team has deep knowledge and insights on how to design for secure use of third party and open source. Neha is passionate about both engineering and program management. She is PMP and Certified Function Point Specialist. She has taken several sessions on Data Architecture, Function Point Analysis, classroom training for CFPS.